Central Ontario Protection can help you manage your busy lifestyle through our Interactive Home Automation Services. Used in conjunction with our ULC-listed monitoring station you can view your system status and monitor your systems activity all from your mobile device and no additional phone line required.


With interactive apps, you can connect to your home security system from anywhere at any time. Set up real-time notification by choosing text or email alerts to inform you of activity that matters to you. Viewing video footage from in and around your property can be easily accessible. The user platform can allow you to watch live and recorded video all from an easy to use web and mobile apps. Conserve energy by controlling your lights and thermostat, arm and disarm your entry doors and even change your user codes. You control and manage how you and your family are protected.

Lower household costs
Verify that your alarm systems is armed or disarmed
Reduce stress and save time by being in two places at once
Have peace of mind that your kids are safely home from school
"Protect your family with life safety solutions. Fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be fully integrated and monitored through your security system ensuring signals are received to warn you or to alert of sensor or battery loss. Our insurance approved ULC listed monitoring can extend to more than just intrusion or fire system monitoring. Central Ontario Protection can monitor flood sensors, water levels and valve detectors to help you protect your home from damage and risk. Installing monitored sensors designed to detect signals as part of your monitoring can help reduce risk and protect your home or property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"   
Bryan Clarkin CEO